Engine Vacuum Diagnostic

As I’m testing the engine to find out why the power is “off” I’m checking engine vacuum. I found this diagnostic chart for a stock car.


After doing this basic check at idle and at 3000, 4000, and 4500 RPM, I’m steady… So the next thing I’m going to check will be the fuel line pressure.


Dyno Results – Original Parts

These are the results from a Chassis Dyno at Pick-Ups Plus.

  • The peak Horsepower at the wheels was 194hp, which equates to about 242hp at the flywheel.
  • The peak Torque at the wheels was 231ft-lbs, which equates to about 288ft-lbs.

The numbers are not what I was expecting, but the engine was probably ran very hard and needs a little TLC. I’m thinking that will start sooner than I thought.

Scan 12Scan 11Scan 10

One thing I’m noticing, the runs look good (though a little low) until it hits around 4100RPM, then it flattens out but it looks like there’s more to go. Going to investigate…