Rear Seats

I decided to redo the interior of the car while the major things were done, the problem though with a 4-door, is that parts are not so easy to come by. The only pair of rear seat covers were from Eckler’s Chevelle part # 630761. But the problem is they cost $289 for about $20 in fabric & vinyl.rear-seat-top

So outside of the Hog Nose rings, pliers, foam, burlap this is all the material I need. I’m looking for vinyl and fabric now. But I don’t need much.

Update 1: 8/6/13. Turns out it’s a little too difficult for the seat covers (time consuming) so I ordered a 71AS4D10S from Summit Racing.┬áNot the pricing I wanted but oh, well… Turns out the Concours Wagon is the same seat. I might try searching for these parts vs. 4-door Chevelle.